Friday, September 7, 2007

Chalk & Water Technique

While searching my techniques folder I came across this Chalk & Water background technique so I thought I would share it with you...when I was in high school, Crayola contacted our art class and had us do an experiment using chalked soaked in but according to Crayola our samples that we sent to them were far better than their researchers did....this is a variation of that technique....not as messy for around with this and let us know how it is fun to play with...

Chalk and Water Background -

For this technique I recommend watercolor paper but it is not necessary. Mix the chalk with water in a 2 oz spritzer bottle using 1/4t chalk per ounce of water. If you wish to achieve a darker color simply use more chalk. Spritz on paper as desired. Decorate your card or scrapbook page using your favorite stamps or embellishments.

The first example is a tag spritzed with lime green, pink and yellow palette chalk (pulverized in water)....I punched out a leaf several times and placed it on the tag then spritzed....the second example is the completed piece...

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  1. Barb,
    Niiiice. I resolve to try this soon. I'll let you know how it goes.