Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Raven in my book

the black raven diamond is made from a Tim Holtz stamp, toilet paper and black gesso....just turn your stamp image up...spritz with water then begin layering with TP, alternating a sheet then water then TP, water for 7 layers...let dry and apply gesso...


  1. Hi Barb,
    Love the raven bird and the TP technique looks great! Thanks for sharing how you did it.
    Will you be teaching any time soon in Fredrick again?

  2. Sherly - and anyone else...I am working on my art/craft room and once it is completed I will be doing classes in my home...and maybe a class this fall at Scrapbooks Plus in Reston VA....I'm working on a project submission for them...there are so few places these days to do classes however I love all the new stuff and want to share with every one...anyone interested in classes please email me...

  3. cool that you will be having classes in your home, I don't think your to far from me.
    Let me (us) know & keep us updated.