Monday, May 24, 2010

Claudine Hellmuth Technique Tag Class

On Saturday I took a techiques class from Claudine Hellmuth....if you don't know the name Google it and you will....awesome gal, fun, creative, smart cookie...these are the 13 tags I created in the class...

Techniques tags were:
1 - Gesso Etching
2 - Gesso Transfer
3 - Paint Transfer
4 - Faux Batik (used Sticky-Back Canvas (SBC) by Ranger)
5- Embossing Paper Tinting
6 - Watermark Resist -SBC
7 - Extra Time Stamping - used SBC and here Extra Time product from Ranger
8 - Extra Time Photo Tinting
9 - Glazed Paper Tinting
10 - Transfer on SBC
11 - Embossing on SBC
12 - Watercolor using her Studio Paints (these are fabulous - totally different than any acrylic I have use, very creamy and fun to play with...
13 - Peeled Paper


  1. Love these tags - many of the techniques I have not heard of... Looks like you had a great creative time!

  2. I couldn't possibly pick a favorite, Barb...they're all terrific! LynnF