Friday, August 10, 2012

Another maybe submission

So glad to get this one out of my head...just in time for the next one to pop out...Diane thinks I should submit to Cloth, Paper, Scissors...we'll's always such a crap shoot when you submit to publications...enjoy!


  1. Great job! I can't wait to see this in person. I stand my ground, submit to CPS!!!

  2. I LOVE your time book!!! Fabulous work!!! Would love to know how you constructed the album itself. I always love interactive pages and try to create that in my own albums/journals. LOVE your Curiosity Shoppe suitcase too! Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea!!! - Mary Montedonico.

    1. So glad you liked my work....the base for the album is from a blank kit called "6"x8" Interactive Book" from Pinecone Press...I changed some of the folds, turned one section upside down and just general added a bit here and there....the Curiosity Shoppe suitcase blank is also Pinecone might want to check out their website...I also have blanks available if you want to purchase any...I don't usually sell things but I bought some for a class and they didn't arrive in time for the I have about 10 extra suitcase blanks and several of the Interactive Books...I always keep a stash of stuff on hand for when my creative juice wake up...

  3. Fantastic! I couldn't open the photos in the ATT album so I'm especially glad you included your blog addy in the post. This is a super project!

  4. This is a WOW project definitely submit it!!