Tuesday, July 3, 2007

ABC ATC Vintage Sage

Charles Dubois - Father

Dr. Charles is the head of the Dubois family. He is a General Practitioner specializing in children. In the past he was an aviator in the war. This sparked his desire to help others. Nothing brings him more joy than making people well and happy. He always has a lollipop for his youngest patients and some of the older ones who are young at heart. Dr. Charles is a loving and caring person who has a wife, Katherine. Not the nicest person in the town but more on Katherine later. He is French and Katherine is English. There has always been a conflict between the French and English. The Saga continues.....


  1. So, do we have to wait for you to get back from California to hear more about the Dubois clan? You're a great story teller. I can't wait to hear about Katherine.