Thursday, July 26, 2007

Um's & Storage Conquered

Thanks to my good friend, Jan I am organizing my UM's and even unmounting some of my wood mounts using a modification of her wonderful system she developed. Basically, here's how mine works.....

1. Need 2+ notebooks - 3" wide 3 ring for storing the stamped image (SI) and one to hold the actual rubber (RS).....(I needed more than 2 sets because I have 21 yrs worth of stamps to store - no idea how many I will end up with)
2. Need storage panels...mine came are Stamp n' Stor from Sunday Int'l...I bought bother the regular sheets and the tabbed sheets....if you can't find a source I have one and can get them for you discounted.
3. Need subject dividers - school supply item....I use the dividers to separate the stamps by company name in the image notebook (SI) if I know it and it not by subject is where I split into two different notebooks....1- stamps are listed by company and 2 - stamps company unknown are listed by subject matter say birthday, funny verses, nature, and etc. Note: I only use the dividers in the stamped image notebook.
4. The idea is to cross reference the notebooks. The system I used was not only alphabetic but I coded the pages - in the stamp book (RS) the first page of Artful Illusions would be marked on the tabbed storage panel with the words Artful Illusions....the code AI #1 would be marked in the upper right hand corner and placed alphabetically in the stamp notebook.
In the image notebook I would add a page using cardstock paper with the image....then label the upper right hand corner with the same code AI #1....

When I am looking for a stamp to use instead of having to pick up the heavy RS notebook of stamps to go through I go to the SI notebook, find the stamp I want then go directly to the correct RS notebook and coded page and easily locate the stamp.

Hopefully this makes some sense if not please ask any questions you might have...if you can't post here please just email me at and put "blog ??" in the subject.

I know this sounds like a lot of work however it's the "how do you eat an elephant?" syndrome - on bite at a time....and I have sat aside at least 1 hour a day to work on this project and I am amazed at how well it is going....amazed enough to share it with you all!

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  1. It sounds like a great plan. Hoping you'll share pics after you're finished. I keep mine in 12x12 drawers separated by subjects that work for MY brain. So I just sift through looking for something I need. Of course I'm never really looking for 'Tim HOltz hat vintage girl' specific like that. I'm more, 'I need a vintage person' so I go to the people or vintage drawer. I pick and use what speaks to me. Have fun sorting!